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Cooking With Gobble

Good food to me is whole food. It if comes from a box, bag, or can I get immediately suspicious.

This doesn’t mean that I don’t eat that food, it just means I don’t usually believe it’s the healthiest to eat.

In a previous post, I talked about how I think having whole, healthy food is a really important thing for our bodies and how I have tried to be sure that our family dinner time includes as much of it as possible.

Today I wanted to share a little bit on the meal delivery service that my family uses that helps us get there, Gobble.

In full disclosure, I am a Gobble affiliate, though the reason I am is that I really love it. We eat their meals at least 3 times a week and I have no intention of not using them in the foreseeable future. In this post, I want to share the 5 reasons why I love Gobble so much and why I choose them over other services for our dinner time experience. :)

Reason number 1 - It’s delicious.

We are foodies. My partner especially really loves food and we take a lot of enjoyment in eating. We like to cook and experiment in the kitchen ourselves and my partner is a fantastic home chef. We also have four kids and are super busy. No matter how much we enjoy cooking the truth is we don’t always have time. We go out fairly often and enjoy a really nice meal but when we aren’t doing that we have started to try meal delivery kits.

We have tried several kits and Gobble is by far the tastiest. Every meal we have cooked we have enjoyed. We have yet to try one that wasn’t at minimum, “good” and most of them have been very good and delicious. And when I say very good, I mean restaurant quality. Meaning - I couldn’t have cooked it that well by myself. The meals that have been just good have been ones that we felt we could have made just as well on our own. I can count three meals we have felt that way about out of the dozens we have tried.

The sauces are rich and savory. The flavors in the meals are actually appropriate to the type of meal. So our enchiladas have chilies in them, not just run-of-the-mill cumin, “Latin American” flavor. The Indian curries use spices and flavor profiles that are really like Indian food, not an approximation.

The ingredients are also always fresh. I’ve only had one shipment that had a lemon in it that wasn’t ok to eat. When you talk about meal delivery kits that’s pretty spectacular. Other’s that I have tried had several meals that weren’t ok to eat, the meat had no longer been good. :( Gobble is just soo delicious.

Reason number 2 - it’s healthy

Healthy means fresh and whole. While some of the components come premade everything is what I would do here at the house. I’m making a meal, not heating up something already made. I’m not picking up a meal through a drive-through.

The tomatoes are whole tomatoes that I need to slice. The meats are uncooked (unless it’s pre-braised) so I’m cutting and cooking fresh meat.

While my family doesn’t need to worry about special diet requirements Gobble also has a “lean & clean” menu with fewer calories and lean meat options. It doesn’t matter - they are still delicious, we have tasted them.

It may be shrimp with veggies or chicken in a lovely lemon wine’s clean, healthy, and still tasty.

Reason number 3 - diverse menu options

The menu rotation and the number of options on Gobble are really nice. It’s enough diversity that you don’t get bored with the same recipes over and over again. We’ve had that experience with other kits. Every week it was like the same 10 meals. I mean that’s ok for a while but part of the appeal of this is some variety in our dinner choices.

Their menu typically consists of 16 meal options. But each week those meal options change. And while most everything comes around again the cycling of meals isn’t so predictable that you end up choosing the same thing for dinner night after night week after week.

In addition to their nightly meal options, they also offer desserts (I’ll be honest we have never ordered them), and whole protein options, some breakfast, and side options too. So you can order just chicken breasts or shrimp along with a little breakfast quiche and cookie.

This is a far cry from other kits we have tried in the past. Others, even if they have large selections each week, end up having a lot of the same choices week after week. So if your family is really only into 3 or 4 meals in a week you could end up eating those for meals 2 to 3 times a week. For a family of foodies, this is just not going to cut it. Variety is the spice of life.

Reason number 4 - it is so easy

With Gobble, being easy happens on a number of levels.

First, all meals come prepared so it takes no more than 15 minutes to get it on the table.

I’m going to say that again because of how much that matters to me - DUDE 15 MINUTES from start to eating. Their recipe cards have three large steps (these cards have recently changed become slightly larger) that take you through everything you need. The most complicated thing I have had to do since using Gobble is slice veggies. That is all. I can slice veggies.

Even for an intermediate cook, this is appreciated when you have a busy home. For an inexperienced cook, this is freaking gold. I will warn that for a cook that is super knowledgeable (like my partner for example) it may provide you with what you need and then you improvise a bit. :) No harm in that. LOL. I am not quite at that level though so I follow the steps with very little deviation.

But the ease doesn’t stop there my friends, no it does not. Cooking the meal is just half of it. The amount of time I get back from NOT having to think of what to make each night, plus figuring out all the ingredients and going to the store to purchase is priceless.


We have standard purchases we make each week at the grocery store. Eggs, bread, milk. Lunch box items (when kids were taking lunches to school). But dinner? Dinner has always been this pandora’s box of insanity for me.

What will everyone eat? What do I have to buy? How much do I need to purchase?


The headache of that is gone with a service like this. It’s like going to a restaurant (a really good one) and everyone just agrees on a single meal to split. Any leftovers (and there usually aren’t any) are eaten the next day for lunch. I don’t waste huge amounts of produce in the fridge spoiling cause it didn’t get used, which is both a waste of money AND a waste of food. I get exactly as much as I need, it feeds us all comfortably and it requires minimal effort from me to prepare it.

Each week I go to the website, select my meals than spend 15 minutes, 3 nights a week “making” dinner. It is the easiest part of my Solid gold.

Reason number 5 - spectacular service

Ok, so I’m going to be real. Mistakes happen. Sometimes the mistake is mine - “oh I’m sorry we are out of town this week and I forgot to skip”.

Sometimes the mistake is theirs - “the wrong meal came in our order this week”.

Regardless - every time it is taken care of no questions asked. I have almost NEVER - and I’m talking from almost every industry - ever had service like this. It’s just taken care of. There’s no issue, there’s no questioning, it’s just done.

You know those stores you go to and they take those shoes you thought you loved and then you couldn’t get your feet into them and they just credit you without comment? Yeah - it’s like that.


And not only is it hassle-free, but it’s also friendly and fun. Their representatives are easy-going, laid back, and casual. That might not be everyone’s cup of tea but I enjoy it and prefer it. Often I think most people just need to relax and be real. Gobble’s representatives are given the latitude to be that and I really appreciate it.

I haven’t had to contact their office more than 3 times, and we have been using Gobble for over a year now (which speaks volumes on its own) but every time I have it has been a lovely and enjoyable 10-minute conversation to get something adjusted. No problems. You can’t put a price tag on that. You can’t.

So there you go - the 5 reasons I love Gobble and continue to use it week by week with my family.

Everyone LOVES it - from my pickiest eater and my connoisseur of gastronomic techniques. When something satisfies everyone, it’s easy and gives you back some time, AND it tastes delicious you use it. PERIOD.

A meal delivery kit won’t be the best solution for every family, it just happens to work for mine. Enough so that I am excited to be an affiliate. If you are interested in trying Gobble give it a go here.

And if you are and need something different don’t hesitate to reach out. Coaching packages are 50% off through the month of March so be sure to schedule an appointment here.

Remember guys, You’ve got one shot to be the best of who you are right now.

Give it the time it deserves to have the LIFE you deserve.


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