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Things I Love

This page is a listing of products or services that I love and recommend. Some are affiliate links and they are noted as such with an *. Others are just amazing products. Any content that has been created to highlight these recommendations has also been listed. If you have an amazing product you would like me to check out please let me know!


Atlas of the Heart by Brene Brown * - think emotional/feeling glossary. :)

Plays Well With Others by Eric Barker * - a great book on the nature of human relationship

Attached by Amir Levine and Rachel Heller * - I found this very helpful as someone who is navigating codependent behavior

Ryan Holiday: Ryan's books are on Stoic philosophy and they have all been incredible, inspiring reads.

 -* The Obstacle is the Way

 -* Courage is Calling

 -* Stillness is the Key

Think Again by Adam Grant * - really interesting book discussing how our brains function and how we can limit ourselves because of it.

Special Needs Things

Avaz AAC - this is the first great assistive communication device that I have found for Andriod. We are using it as a choice board to assist with verbal communication though it is designed to function similarly to systems like Proloquo

Teachers Pay Teachers - this is a wonderful place to go and get TONS of educational material. I especially like the social stories

I would be remiss if I didn't mention my own products and services with Special Families Consulting

Home & Office Stuff

Clever Fox Planner * - I love so much about this planner. The size, the stickers, the 30-minute breakdown. I used this planner to build out my goals and intentions for 2024 (read more here).

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