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Welcome! I am so glad to have you here. 

This place is the result of years of personal growth and discovery as a mother and just human. Below you will find the three major areas that I focus on within ConsiderJennifer. I hope you learn a little about me, and see something that resonates. Connection is one of my core values so reach out on any platform and let's get this party started. 

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My Story

As a parent of a child with special needs, I intimately understand the immense challenges that arise when facing a diagnosis. When my son was diagnosed with autism at the age of 3, I felt completely lost and helpless. I was engaged in a losing battle against autism, consumed by guilt and overwhelmed by the constant interactions with doctors, therapists, and educators. I lived in fear, uncertain about what the future held for my son and questioning my ability to guide him toward a successful life. However, it was during my darkest moment, teetering on the edge, that my personal values of intention, connection, and growth pulled me back.

Drawing upon my knowledge and experience in personal development, as well as my studies in psychology and neuroscience, I gradually realized that I could create the life I desired and demonstrate to my family the same possibility. Today, armed with my certification as a life coach under the guidance of Tony Robbins, I am committed to empowering others who navigate the challenges of a special needs diagnosis.

Together, we will embark on a transformative journey to shift your mindset and develop effective strategies to support you in living an authentic and purposeful life. I am dedicated to empowering you with the tools necessary to advocate for your child's needs and to overcome the overwhelming feelings of guilt, shame, and stagnation that often accompany such circumstances. Through our collaborative efforts, we will ignite your eagerness for growth, foster deep connections, and unlock your untapped potential.

As your coach, I am here to support and guide you on this path of discovery and transformation. Let us work together to create a brighter future for both you and your child, and to embrace a life filled with eagerness, connection, and personal growth.


Thank you for letting me walk with you. 

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The Logo


Branding plays a crucial role in establishing a business, as it represents the values and essence of the organization. When choosing a logo for my coaching and speaking business, I sought to encapsulate the key aspects and major themes relevant to parents navigating their child's diagnosis. That's when I discovered the concept of kintsugi, a captivating form of Japanese pottery where broken pieces are restored using gold or silver lacquer. This artistic philosophy beautifully embraces imperfections and finds beauty in what is considered "broken."

I immediately resonated with this concept and its profound implications. The symbolism of kintsugi serves as a constant reminder for me, and I hope for you as well, that regardless of the challenges and obstacles we encounter in our journey with our special needs children, there is tremendous positivity to be found. As I gaze upon the mesmerizing kintsugi pottery, it prompts me to:

  1. Embrace the unique beauty of my life's experiences.

  2. Recognize and draw strength from my family's resilience.

  3. Free me from the pursuit of perfection and embrace a mindset of acceptance.

  4. Find opportunities for growth and healing amidst adversity.

To bring this concept to life, I collaborated with a small group of talented students to design the logo, featuring a broken bowl mended with delicate threads of gold. Whenever you encounter this logo, I hope it serves as a powerful reminder of these ideas, empowering you to make choices that define and enrich your life.

Together, let us embrace the beauty in our imperfections and find strength and inspiration in the journey we undertake as parents of special needs children.


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Special Families Consulting

Are you a parent, guardian, caregiver, or ANYONE who has a loved one with a special need? Are you lost on what to do and how to support? At Special Families Consulting we work to empower families to live their best lives by providing support, education, and guidance while navigating the special needs landscape.

Come see how we can help!



ConsiderJennifer is not just a name; it's an ethos. It's about encouraging you to consider every facet of your life with mindfulness and purpose. Here, we explore personal insights, connect with the heart of real-life experiences, and inspire each other to make practical decisions that enhance our journey.

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