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Coaching Pathways

My coaching packages are designed to provide you with the strategies to change your mindset and empower you to fully advocate for you and your child. The goal is to help you feel confident when talking and engaging with your child’s team of professionals AND family, friends and the larger community. My programs are focused on authenticity, compassion and empowerment to help special families live exceptional lives.

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The Decision

No matter what pathway you choose we start with a decision.  In this free hour-long session we will dive deep to discover and explore the wants, needs, and goals you are looking for in regard to living with your child's special needs. This is when we are defining if you have hit the first step in the process, have you made the decision to change?  You will learn about my coaching style and personality and together we will decide on a plan and process for helping you create the life you want.

Empowered Advocate

This package is an entry level package that provides you with the foundation necessary to have success for you and your child as you navigate their diagnosis. I guide you through each step with personal, one-on-one sessions to help you understand the landscape of the special needs environment as well as have the vocabulary and the confidence to engage with professionals. This program will help you feel less overwhelmed and teach you how to make informed decisions for your child. Upon completion of the 6 weeks, you will have a solid understanding of how to continue supporting yourself, your child, and your family. 

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This package includes:

  • 4 one-on-one coaching sessions

  • 2 full months of email support

  • 20-minute weekly accountability check-ins (phone or email)

  • Custom Advocacy Plan

  • Child Strength Analysis

Exceptional Living

In this package we build on the foundation of Package One and add in the ability to really take care of yourself. Without the right mindset and attitude you can only get so far. This package ensures that you are equipped to work with your most challenging issue, yourself. Through this 3 month process, I will help you gain the ability to advocate for your child and learn how to best support them. You will also learn why and how to put on your own oxygen mask first, allowing you to show up as your absolute best for your child. In this program we will build on the strengths of your child, further develop your plan for advocating for them, and really dive into how to make significant progress. 


Starting with your custom thought analysis, we will examine how you may be holding yourself back from feeling more confident, empowered and authentic from the life you want to be living. Then we will spend time exploring what you really want for both you and your child long term, leaving you feeling more optimistic about the future. With monthly goals focused on practical actions and habit building, you will have the tools and mindset to live the exceptional life you deserve. 

Triumphant Hiker

This package includes:

  • 10 one-on-one coaching sessions

  • 3 full months of email support

  • 20 minute weekly accountability check-ins (phone or email)

  • Custom Advocacy Plan

  • Child Strength Analysis

  • Monthly goal setting

  • Custom Thought Analysis

  • Custom Mindset Rewire Plan

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Stand Alone Products

Strengths Assessment

In this stand alone resource you will discover what works best for your child. By turning your focus on empowerment and opportunity, you will find keys to help unlock your child’s future and the understanding and insight to put it into motion. This Assessment will give you the opportunity to really explore your child’s world. Using guided questions and checklists you will see the areas in which your child naturally excels. This knowledge helps build more specific quality goals for therapists and especially for your IEP team at school. This resource does not include one-on-one coaching.

Advocacy Plan

In this stand alone resource you will be provided with the tools to discover and thoroughly explore your child and his/her needs. You will gain the insight for how to best communicate with your child’s team to help support your child’s growth and development. Building an advocacy plan illuminates your child’s needs and your vision and goals for him or her. This workbook includes guided questions, checklists and suggestions for how to manage the process of your child’s growth and development. No more “deer in headlights” at IEP meetings or appointments. After completing this you will have a clear sense of how to engage with everyone involved in your child’s care to ensure the best possible outcomes over time. This resource does not include one-on-one coaching.

Looking for more? Be sure to check out my Free Resouces!

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