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I've Been There - I Get It

I empower professional women to reconnect with their authentic selves so they can live a personal and professional life of fulfillment and joy.

About Jennifer

In the fast-paced world of female professionals, finding authentic fulfillment and joy amidst the constant demands and expectations can often feel like a distant dream.

Whether you're a dedicated mother striving to balance work and family or a woman in search of deeper satisfaction in your career, the quest for true happiness can seem daunting. But what if the key to unlocking your joy lies in embracing a mindset and making decisions that align with your true purpose?

Deeply relatable and freshly inspiring, Jennifer invites audiences into a world where empowerment meets authenticity, and professionalism is infused with joy.

Combining both her lived experience with the practical tools to make change now, Jennifer guides audiences on a journey of rediscovery and inspires them to be their most authentic self while reigniting their passion for their life.


Through engaging keynotes and transformative workshops,  audiences will arrive at a destination that unlocks their most authentic, fulfilled self.

Talk Topics
Call to Adventure: Embracing Your Authentic Fulfillment and Joy

In this empowering keynote presentation, audiences are invited to join Jennifer on a transformative journey through the lens of the Hero's Journey, tailored specifically for individuals yearning to rediscover authentic fulfillment and joy in their lives. Drawing from personal experience and the insights of esteemed psychologists, Jennifer navigates the inner landscape of mindset, resilience, and self-discovery.

Responding to the call for adventure, attendees delve into moments of uncertainty and resistance that hinder their path to genuine satisfaction. Crossing the threshold of challenges, they navigate the labyrinth of their minds, uncovering and overcoming limiting beliefs while embracing the power of self-acceptance. Along the way, they encounter mentors and allies who bolster their growth and transformation, and confront the dragons of self-doubt and fear that block their path.

As the journey progresses, attendees witness the profound impact of adopting new beliefs on their lives and gain insight into the limiting beliefs that hinder their personal growth. Ultimately, they return with the elixir of self-awareness and confidence, ready to confront any obstacle with grace and resilience.

If individuals are ready to embark on a quest for authentic fulfillment and joy in their lives, Jennifer invites them to join her as they venture forth together on this heroic odyssey.


  • Participants will learn the importance of mindset as it impacts personal and professional development

  • Discover how to challenge limiting beliefs and transform meaningful outcomes

  • Leave with a simple process to apply in situations of adversity both personally and professionally.

Finding Peace In Your Child's Diagnosis

In this enlightening talk, Jennifer dives deep into the overwhelming emotions that parents of children with special needs often grapple with. As a parent herself, Jennifer understands the weight of lying in bed at night, consumed by thoughts of her child's special needs. Parenthood, she acknowledges, is an incredible and daunting journey, filled with dreams and hopes for our children. However, when a special needs diagnosis disrupts these expectations, it can feel like navigating an entirely different life.

Drawing from her personal experience and expertise in psychology and neuroscience, Jennifer guides the audience through a purposeful exploration of transforming this experience. Instead of succumbing to fear and anger, she emphasizes the potential for satisfaction and fulfillment. Through a simple 4-step process, parents are empowered to embrace their desired life with their child, leaving behind negative emotions and embracing purposeful living.

Join Jennifer on a journey of resilience and strength as she sheds light on the transformative power of acceptance and intentional living. Discover how you can trade fear and uncertainty for empowerment and find joy in the unique parenting journey of raising a child with special needs.


  • Participants will be able to identify the impact of a special needs diagnosis on their lives​

  • Learn to embrace a purposeful mindset to create positive change

  • Cultivate satisfaction and fulfillment in parenting


I heard Jennifer speak just one time, yet what a powerful sharing it was! Her excitement and belief in her subject matter was palpable which kept me really tuned into every word. I felt empowered and ready to take my life to the next level. Thanks Jennifer for being a Light in this world!

Suzette Faith Foster, Boone, NC

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