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My talk is high quality, and relevant set to inspire and encourage you to consider your life. Fun and raw I'm not afraid to say what needs to be said for people to wake up and consider how they are really in control over their lives.  

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Finding Peace In Your Child's Diagnosis

Having a child is one of the most amazing, and terrifying, experiences a person can have. There is so much lead-up to this amazing event and all the hope of a future before you. So when a special needs diagnosis comes along and derails your expectations it can feel like you’re living the wrong life. All of a sudden your world tilts and everything you thought you knew and where planning is wrong. Instead of the hope and joy of a child, you feel the fear and anger of a diagnosis you don’t know what to do with. In this talk, we explore how to be purposeful about changing that experience and living the life you and your child actually deserve. I will show you how you have the ability to trade that fear and anger for satisfaction and fulfillment through a simple 4 step process by simply considering what you want and being on purpose with living it.

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