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My talk is high quality, and relevant set to inspire and encourage you to consider your life. Fun and raw I'm not afraid to say what needs to be said for people to wake up and consider how they are really in control over their lives.  

Finding Peace In Your Child's Diagnosis

Are you lying in bed at night, overwhelmed by thoughts of your child's special needs?  In this enlightening talk, we will address the overwhelming emotions that parents of children with special needs often experience. Acknowledging that parenthood is an incredible and daunting journey, we delve into the dreams and hopes parents have for their children. However, when a special needs diagnosis disrupts these expectations, it can feel like living a different life altogether. Suddenly, the world seems askew, and plans and perceptions are upended.

Using personal experience and knowledge in psychology and neuroscience this program guides the audience through a purposeful exploration of transforming this experience. Instead of succumbing to fear and anger, we emphasize the potential for satisfaction and fulfillment. Through a simple 4-step process, parents are empowered to embrace their desired life with their child, leaving behind negative emotions and embracing purposeful living.

Join us on a journey of resilience and strength as we shed light on the transformative power of acceptance and intentional living. Discover how you can trade fear and uncertainty for empowerment and find joy in the unique parenting journey of raising a child with special needs.


  • Participants will be able to identify the impact of a special needs diagnosis on their lives​

  • Learn to embrace a purposeful mindset to create positive change

  • Cultivate satisfaction and fulfillment in parenting

Life Unfiltered: Harnessing Adversity for Positive Change

Have you ever wondered how to harness the power of mindset to overcome life's toughest challenges and unlock greater success, both personally and professionally? This enlightening keynote explores the profound impact of mindset and perspective on our lives. Drawing on real-life experiences as a special needs mother, and our current knowledge about brain function, this presentation dives into the fundamental understanding of how our mindsets shape our reality. 

In this program, you will discover the process of changing limiting beliefs and mindsets to more helpful, healthy, and meaningful perspectives. Learn practical strategies to reframe adversity, harness resilience and find the power within acceptance, even when life throws its toughest challenges our way. 

Through thought-provoking stories and actionable techniques, this program equips professionals with the knowledge and inspiration to embrace life unfiltered, unlocking the potential to achieve greater success. 


  • Participants will learn the importance of mindset as it impacts personal and professional development

  • Discover how to challenge limiting beliefs and transform meaningful outcomes

  • Leave with a simple process to apply in situations of adversity both personally and professionally.

From Conflict to Connection: The Empathy Solution

Are you grappling with unresolved conflicts in your personal and professional relationships? Wondering how to transform tense interactions into authentic connections? In this program, we will explore the true definition of empathy and learn to use its power to move past conflicts and misunderstandings into growth and connection. 

In this program you will come away with an understanding of the real meaning and power of empathy in all relationships and how it isn't as simple as "walking in someone else's shoes" or The Golden Rule. We will also look at common reasons empathy gets left out.

Using a combination of personal stories, drawing on 10 years of project manager experience, and the examples of empathy as discussed by Brene Brown and Simon Sinek we will explore real actionable skills for improving the quality of your relationships. By employing real empathy we will unlock the key to transforming conflicts into opportunities for growth, learning, and authentic human connections. 


  • Understand the power of empathy in communication

  • Identify barriers to empathy and connection

  • Develop empathic communication skills for conflict resolution

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