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Welcome to ConsiderJennifer:
A Journey to Inspired Living

Embrace Life | Reflect Purpose | Ignite Positive Change

Greetings, dear friends!


I'm Jennifer, the heart behind ConsiderJennifer, and I invite you to embark on a journey of intentional living, thoughtful reflection, and the pursuit of positive change.

ConsiderJennifer is not just a name; it's an ethos. It's about encouraging you to consider every facet of your life with mindfulness and purpose. Here, we explore personal insights, connect with the heart of real-life experiences, and inspire each other to make practical decisions that enhance our journey.

Ready to consider your life in a new light? Let's embark on this meaningful journey together.

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Blog and YouTube

Dive into a rich tapestry of stories, advice, and reflections. From parenting special needs children to optimizing daily life, each post is a shared moment on this incredible journey.

Speaking Programs

As a speaker, I work to interweave my personal stories and examples with facts and knowledge to motivate you to take action to make your life more satisfying and fulfilling.  My passion is to share and help others understand themselves and how their thoughts impact their lives.  My talks are a mix of humor and seriousness because that is the reality of our lives. 

Join me in engaging conversations that empower and inspire. Discover speaking programs designed to ignite positive change in your organization or event.


Jennifer's passion for sharing her understanding and awareness of autism helped me more fully appreciate the differences and the similarities we ALL share. And I am in awe of her patience and drive to love and understand others. We are All learning in bits and inspirations about unconditional Love. I felt a glimpse of that from her. 

- Tissa Dobbins, NC

I heard Jennifer speak just one time, yet what a powerful sharing it was! Her excitement and belief in her subject matter was palpable which kept me really tuned into every word. I felt empowered and ready to take my life to the next level.  Thanks, Jennifer for being a Light in this world! 

- Suzette Faith Foster, Boone, NC

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