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Savannah oh na na...

Savannah oh na know my heart is in Savannah oh na na…

LOL our first trip to Savannah GA was about 2 years ago now and I gotta say, I really love that little town.

On our first trip down the song, Havana started to play on the radio by Camila Cabello. I started singing it along and changed the lyrics from Havan to Savannah. My daughter thought I was nuts but my son, he loved it and sang along. Now every time we go to Savannah (or even talk about people we go to Savannah with) he sings - Savannah oh na na… It fills me with so much joy when I hear that.

Travel is an important part of my life. In fact, we were just making some decisions to try and do more frequent little weekend trips when COVID hit. This last year, not being able to leave the house as much, was sucky. We canceled plans for Disney and Puerto Rico last year. I can’t wait to reschedule them. I think that travel is a glimpse into another world. A way for you to try on new and interesting things to see what you like and what you don’t. It’s an amazing way to stay open and to get to know other people and other ways of thinking and seeing the world.

So with the vaccine making its way to us quickly and things opening up, we have started to venture further from home for purely leisure purposes. Savannah was on the list and we were there just a few weekends ago with friends.

I really enjoy Savannah. It has history and culture and great food and great nightlife (which I am all about). :)

Today I wanted to share some of my top places to visit there and a couple of future plans for this charming little town. I tried to grab a little of everything.

  1. The Fat Radish - this is I believe our favorite restaurant in Savannah. We are huge foodies and the meal here was really nice. A casual, American place that gives me through backs to a 70s kitchen with a modern touch. The food was superb and the cocktails were delicious. And they have food for families - always a plus when you are traveling with little ones. We didn’t feel out of place ordering a cheeseburger for my son, Jack even when they brought fries that had been fried in duck fat (OMG amazing). And Jack is a jibber-jabber so the atmosphere worked for a busy, family. Really enjoyed this place very much.

  1. Historic Trolly Tour - Savannah is a town with history. My partner is the history buff in our relationship and he LOVES history. This historic tour is really good. We take the “Hop-on Hop-off” tour because we can get out at various sites around town and walk around a bit. It breaks up the tour into manageable chunks so no one starts to get stir crazy sitting too long - an important thing if you have special needs children. :) The tour passes over 100 historic sites; from cemeteries and houses to churches and markets it is really interesting. The guides are fun, engaging, and very informative. You get to sit (again, Georgia heat) and really see the town without having to think about where you are at and where you are going. One of the things I really enjoy about Savannah is just how the town was put together. The design of the city includes little courts and squares. They are truly beautiful. And this historic tour is also a good way to learn about the dark parts of Savannah through slavery and the civil rights movements. Topics of importance for our family. The price for the tour is reasonable and all of the trollies eventually end back up at Savannah visitor’s center which is another good place for some information, a little shopping, and a place to cool off. Find out more

  1. River Street - We are an eclectic family. We enjoy high-end dining, museums, history. We also enjoy kicking back and just having fun. Relaxed, casual, authentic, and even a little raw. Part of the appeal of Savannah is the nightlife, but in truth - that atmosphere and vibe are present all day long. Things might get a little bit louder after 9 pm but the party starts in the afternoon. And it all begins on River St, when you “walk the river”. Walking the river is about 2 or 3 blocks of bars, eateries, monuments, and shopping where most bar-hopping in town occurs. Because in Savannah it is legal to open carry liquor, on River St most people can be seen walking to their next destination with a drink in hand. It could be a beer, a peach margarita (it is Georiga after all), or a Willy’s slushy but it is definitely part of the attraction. And while you would think this is a recipe for disaster in fact it is actually really well handled. The “don’t be an ass-hole” vibe is very present in this part of town. Everyone is really just about relaxing and having a good time. There is also a lot of history on River St, especially as it relates to the town’s deep association with slavery. The shops and restaurants are all from old cotton warehouses where cotton would be loaded onto ships and sent on down the river.

  1. City Market - Up just a block or so from River Street is City Market. Also full of restaurants and shopping, this is a sort of courtyard place where there is usually live music playing on the weekends. There is enough space (even in COVID times) for kids to be able to dance to the music while adults grab some food and again, just sit back with a drink and relax. The shops in this area are varied and you can find a lot of traditional souvenir places as well as interesting and more refined items. This is also the area where more boutique shops begin if you are looking to move in that direction. My daughter enjoys this part of town the best as it has the best and most unique clothing options. It is set up in such a way that older kids can move around on their own and still be able to find their way back without worrying about anyone getting lost.

  1. Sorry Charlie’s - Savannah is full of restaurants and the Fat Radish is by far one of the best, but Sorry Charlie’s is great with seafood - especially their raw oysters. There are a few seafood places on River St but this one has been our best experience so far, and it’s not on the river but a few blocks up. If you enjoy seafood and especially if you like oysters then for sure you need to stop by this place. It’s got good prices, good drinks, a nice atmosphere, and great seafood.

So those are all the places we have been that we have really loved. And every time we go to Savannah we will always plan to hit River St and City Market. We change it up with some tours and visited a cemetery the last time we were there. Everything is super pretty and so interesting. We do have plans for a couple of things we haven’t done yet. Some of them will likely require a no-child visit. :)

The first one is a visit to The Grey.

  1. The Grey - We heard about this restaurant on the Netflix series “Chef’s Table” and it is for sure on our list of places to go. Casual fine dining this place has been set up in an old Greyhound Station that use to be segregated...and the head chef is an African American woman. Yes - she totally owned that shit. The menu is Southern food-inspired and I can not wait to go taste it. Yummy!

  1. The Olde Pink House - This place was recommended to us by some friends. They shared an anniversary meal there and have said incredible things about it. The home was built in the 1700s and has some amazing history through the Civil War. With a menu full of seafood it is a place I am looking forward to visiting. It’s a bit upscale though so we will likely leave the kids at home for this one.

  1. Ghost City Tours - Hahaha, this looks fabulously fun. With tours that run for just about everyone plus a list of haunted places to go in Savannah I really can’t wait to play with this. There are even haunted pub crawls. LOL Whether you believe in ghost stories or not there is a lot of history in Savannah that lends itself to hauntings and I for one am looking forward to experiencing it at least a little bit. ;)

So there you go. My list of places in Savannah, GA. I really love travel and I’m so glad to be able to do it more again with COVID becoming less of a concern.

Have you been to Savannah? What are some of your favorite places to go? Share them below!

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