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FOMO - Oh How I Hate You

Do you have something flashy syndrome?

You know - when some new thought or idea or desire gets into your head and completely derails what would were doing.

You are in your groove, doing your thing and all of the sudden -

"Oh look! Something shiny!!"

SMH - It happens to me a lot.

I work hard to remember the benefit of this part of me but honestly it's really frustrating sometimes. Like dude - could I please just finish what I was working on.

Getting deep into this part of me I found a deep fear of missing out FOMO. And with Instagram and FB and TikTok and all the distraction in the world it is so easy to feel like you are missing out.

When you can instantaneously see what everyone else in the world is doing with their time, traveling to Tahiti, snorkeling in Belize, visiting the beach...Hell just achieving a new certification for their makes the fact that I'm cooking dinner again on a Tuesday seem.... lame.

If this is something you sympathize with let me give you some tips for keeping your head on straight and moving forward with focus and discipline.

  1. Remember reality.

I don't care what pictures, articles, or videos you come across everyone is cooking dinner on a Tuesday. Those brief glimpses into that other person's life that looks so interesting and's at best incomplete and at worst an all out lie.

Everyone has bad days. Everyone gets bored. Everyone compares their experience with the people around them. Who ever you are following does it too. Perhaps in varying degrees...but that is only because they have put in the EFFORT and WORK to not get lost in the thoughts when they come up.

As you start reminding yourself of how much another person's life is like your you will find you are less interested in following them around and living vicariously through them.

2. Get a gratitude practice.

Things get better when you count your blessings. I know it might sound cliché but it doesn't make it less true. When you are focused on the good in your life you have less time to worry about anything that might be "bad".

a journal and pen to depict the need to write down daily gratitude

And when you feel like your life is full with amazing things it is easier to not concern yourself with anything you might be missing out on.

I recommend starting by writing down 3 to 5 things every day that you are glad to have or be able to do. On my list every mattress. :)

3. Live from your values.

Often something looks really cool from a distance and then you get closer to it and your life "what the hell, this isn't what I thought".

Not everything you see includes all the effort to get it. That car, or trip or house may have involved doing work that you would have HATED.

Or it might not have even been fun for you at all. Talking about visiting Japan and then spending 12 hours on a plane and being hit upside the head with culture shock might not actually be your thing.

And that is totally cool. If you remember your values and make decisions using them you will find you are more confident in your choices and it makes it easier to not get swept away by what's happening in another person's life.

So there you go. Three things that help me keep FOMO at bay. Remembering these ideas makes it easier for me to remember my path, focus on my next steps, and be disciplined with putting the work in.

I would love to hear your experiences with FOMO. What helps you? What do you get the most distracted by?

Until next time y'all #consideryourlife #beonpurpose



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