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Living With Courage - Extra Post

This year for me is about following my heart. Having courage to do new things. In the Spirit of that I had the random thought to share this today. It's from my previous blog and I wrote it in 2014. I'm not sure why it came to mind today but it keeps showing to the Universe, I am listening.

Posted on August 7, 2014

I had a visit from Sadness today.

I was thinking she would be by soon.

Normally Anger or

Denial meet her at the door.

Today I met her

after the first gentle knock.

She looked tired,

like she had just spent time with Fear.

She had one hand wrapped around her middle

The other holding herself up on the door frame.

I’ve never really looked at her so close before.

Her face was tear-stained

Her eyes dark and distance.

I invited her in.

I pulled out a chair for her at the table

Brewed some tea.

It was warm.

We both took a deep breath

Then she began to talk.

She talked about things I had not heard about.

Things I didn’t know.

I cried with her

Held her

Told her I was sorry I hadn’t heard her before.

She left sooner today then she normally does.

I had Love and Joy walk her home.

I know I will see her again.

That will be a good visit too.

a women walking away on the beach symbolizing allowing sadness to leave after being treated with love and care.

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